CD: Набатов Семён "Readings, Red Cavalry"

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Издательство: Leo Records, 2019

Вес: 90 г.

Подарочное издание, jewel box. Диск произведен в Англии.

1. Crossing The River Zbrucz
2. The Church Of Novograd
3. A Letter
4. Intermezzo 1
5. Gedali
6. The Tachanka Theory
7. My First Goose
8. Intermezzo 2
9. After The Battle

Phil Minton — voice
Frank Gratkowski — reeds
Marcus Schmickler — live electronics
Gerry Hemingway — drums
Simon Nabatov — piano

Words by Isaac Babel
Music by Simon Nabatov

Recorded at LOFT Cologne December 7-8 2018
Recorded by Christian Heck
Mixed and mastered by Stefan Deistler

I don't think many of you heard of the brilliant Russian-Jewish writer Isaac Babel who in 1920 became a war correspondent at the age of 25. On 15th May 1939 he was arrested on fabricated charges of terrorism and espionage and brutally executed in 1940 by the NKVD (the then KGB). I am convinced that one day Simon Nabatov will be built a monument for reproducing the atmosphere of Babel's famous book Red Cavalry with Phil Minton narrating/singing the fragments from the book with improvising musical accompaniment.

Семён Набатов

Набатов Семён - Readings, Red Cavalry

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