CD: Артемьев Эдуард "As far as my feet will carry me"

Цена: 1100 р.


Издательство: Electroshock Records, 2005

Вес: 90 г.

Jewel box, 4-стр. буклет.

1. Introduction
2. In A Vagon
3. The First Stop
4. The Letter (Postman)
5. Vagon, Night, Photo
6. Arrival To The Last Station
7. In The Kirk
8. Welcome To Gulag
9. Captives Into Mine
10. Haircut (Requiem)
11. Punishment
12. A Polar Night
13. Attempt To Escape
14. Goodbye Dr. Staufer
15. Getaway From Gulag
16. Mirage
17. Prints In Tundra And The First Tree
18. Chase
19. Vision Of A Daughter
20. A Storm
21. Chase And Rescue
22. In A Forest
23. Road To Chukcha Settlement
24. Down By The River
25. Igloo Love
26. The Way To Freedom
27. In The Middle Of Asia
28. Captain Tanks Up His Car
29. Bazaar
30. Captain Arrives
31. A Bridge
32. In The Iranian Prison
33. Passport
34. Photoalbum
35. Christmas
36. Children's Choir
37. Family's Meeting In The Kirk
38. Finale Titles

Engineer, mixing — Gennady Papin

Original title: :So Weit Die Füsse Tragen"
English title: "As Far As My Feet Can Carry Me"
French title: "Aussi Loin Que Mes Pas Me Portent"

Музыка к немецкой кинокартине реж. Харди Мартинса, вышедшей в Российский прокат под названием “Побег из Гулага”;

Эдуард Артемьев

Артемьев Эдуард - As far as my feet will carry me

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