CD: Айги Алексей - "Bandes Originales des Films"

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Издательство: Music Box Records, 2014.

Вес: 90 г.

Краткое описание:
Jewel box, подарочное издание. Издан во Франции. Сборник музыки к фильмам.

Je Pense À Vous
1. Générique De Fin
2. La Nuit
3. Générique Début

Le Grand Alibi
4. Générique Début
5. Soupçons
6. Révélations
7. Le Lieu Du Crime
8. Dénouement
9. Générique De Fin

Cherchez Hortense
10. Zoritsa Et Damien
11. Damien Va Voir Son Père
12. La Tristesse De Damien
13. Zoritsa Part
14. Générique De Fin

L'École Du Pouvoir
15. La Liaison
16. L'Engagement
17. Les Désillusions

Meurtre À Pacot
18. Meurtre À Pacot (Suite)

Moloch Tropical
19. Moloch Tropical (Thème)

20. Au Silence
21. Rondo
22. Mémoires D'Enfance

Le Petit Poucet
23. La Chair Fraîche
24. La Forêt
25. L'Ogre

Je Ne Dis Pas Non
26. Le Retour D'Adèle
27. Ispug
28. Générique

Alexeï Aïgui was born in Moscow in 1971. After thorough studies of violin and composition and collaboration experience with alternative rock bands and free jazz musicians, Aïgui finally formed in 1994 his own ensemble – 4'33'', named after famous musical composition of avant-garde musician John Cage. His ensemble is a popular band on Moscow's contemporary music scene and is distinguished by its interesting method and extraordinary sound. Combination of rock music, jazz and classical music elements make his music so memorable and beloved!
Alexeï Aïgui is one of the most popular Russian composers and became widely known due to soundtrack for hieratic movie directed by Valery Todorovsky The Country of Deaf (1998), for which he was awarded by the Golden Aries and was nominated for the Nika Award for best composer. Aïgui is also known for his collaborations with foreign artists, and he has performed and recorded with German composers Dietmar Bonnen and Manfred Niehaus and French multi-ist Pierre Bastien. He now divides his time between Moscow and Paris.
He has also scored a couple of dozen movies and television series, from art house films such as Mikhail Kalatozishvili’s Dikoye Pole (Wild Field, 2008) and Andrey Proshkin's Orda (The Horde, 2012) to the popular television series Kamenskaya (2002), and collected several awards for film music. Aïgui's other film soundtracks include music for silent films, Fritz Lang's 1927 classic, Metropolis and Ernst Lubitch's The Doll (1919). For some years, he has been regularly working with French directors Pascal Bonitzer and Raoul Peck.

This compilation shows the talent of Alexeï Aïgui as a film music composer due to his eclectic choices in cinema and television: drama comedy (Cherchez Hortense, Je pense à vous, Je ne dis pas non), mystery movie (Le Grand Alibi), political drama (L'École du pouvoir), huis-clos (Moloch tropical), drama (Meurtre à Pacot), fantasy (Le Petit Poucet / Little Thumb) or historical drama (Rondo).


Алексей Айги

Айги Алексей - Bandes Originales des Films

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