CD: Сборник "Viva Italia" (4CD)

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Издательство: Independent Electronic Music , 2017

Вес: 130 г.

Четыре диска в дигибуке с твёрдой обложкой и тиснением серебристой фольгой, внутренние конверты из чёрного картона с шелкографической печатью серебристой краской.

1. Maurizio Bianchi – Esionoise
2. Digital Noise Distortion – Makkina Infernalis
3. Mauthausen Orchestra – Fetish
4. Lunus – H2SO4
5. Atrax Morgue – Cold Pleasure
6. Cupio Dissolvi – Necroguardia
7. Audax Italiano – Il Crepuscolo Sulle Trincee
8. Teatro Satanico – Sex, Drugs & Industrial Noise
9. SEC_ – Nolotb-Monochrome
10. Le Cose Bianche – Overpleasure
11. SSHE Retina Stimulants – Settlement Bibles Of All-Mighty Manifestation From The Endless Matter (Part 3)
12. NeitherNor – Wir Atomkinder
13. F:A.R. – Luci E Micro-Ombre
14. Le Forbici Di Manitù – Sacro O Segualetico
15. Gerstein – Theme 1 (The Survival)
16. Deca – Neptune Onirochrome Enigma

1. Lyke Wake – Testament Of Pain (Intro)
2. The Tapes – Seconds
3. Tasaday – Il Colore Del Melograno
4. Capricorni Pneumatici – Rahoor
5. T.A.C. – Still Drifting
6. Ashtool – P.O.V.
7. Bad Sector – CCEM (Live Version)
8. Raffaele Serra – Ascension
9. Cold Cluster – Save Me From You (Cathedralstreetmix)
10. Sparkle In Grey & Nicola Ratti – Ghost Rat Afa Remix
11. Tingis – Glassa Onirica
12. Runes Order – Resignation Theme
13. Alio Die & Opium – Clarity

1. S-Talker – Sinapsi
2. Giancarlo Toniutti – Itw Xy Sa'An
3. Enrico Piva – Mouches Volantes
4. Regivar – Leave Me Alone (Version)
5. Giulio Aldinucci – Nello Sgretolarsi Della Memoria
6. Paolo Veneziani – Sea AW (Version)
7. Mauro Teho Teardo – Casa Nuova
8. Stefano Pilia – Winday
9. Luca Miti & Francesco Michi – Giocattoli (Edit)
10. Andrea Belfi – Picture Burning
11. Riccardo Sinigaglia – Concrete Piano
12. Fantasmagramma – Expansion-Contraction
13. Fabio Perletta – Concetto Sonoro (Per Lucio Fontana)
14. F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay – Extemporization 8-6-16

1. Murder Corporation – Cracked
2. Malato – Untitled
3. Wuornos Aileen – Pour En Finir Avec Le Jugement De Dieu
4. The Shadow of a Doubt – Spannung
5. Stefano Barban – Bianco Nero
6. Microloop – 2000 Tears
7. Daniele Brusaschetto – Forficulina
8. Marcello Fraioli – The Way Of The Fire
9. Alessandro Bosetti – Nach Allem Was Ich Liebe Duftest Du
10. DsorDNE – Passo A Passo
11. Gaetano Cappella & Enrico Coniglio – Madonna Delle Nevi
12. Sostrah Tinnitus – Deep Scan XII
13. Claudio Rocchetti – Train Sketchbook
14. Fabio Orsi – Keep Them Still (Edit)
15. Andrea Marutti – As Abstract As I Can, As Concrete As I Am
16. Massimo Carozzi – Southern Line

Mastered by Jan Kruml
Each CD contains about 80 minutes of music.

The compilation comes in hardcover digibook with silver foil embossing and inner wallets made of black paper, silver ink silkscreen printing. It's the part of the project and cannot be ordered separately.

VIVA ITALIA book presents the historical overview of experimental music, it's the compilation of numerous articles about the artists and labels appeared in Italy during the recent 60 years. The author's view to their work and impact to the world of art, the first ever attempt in Russia of approach systemically to the knowledge about the cultural phenomena of experimental, industrial, noise, electroacoustic, avantgarde and other unusual music coming from Italy. Here you can find the information about more than 800 musicians, their photos and detailed descriptions of their albums.
All the articles are grouped into five chapters: early electronic music (1955-1980), academic music, new wave and industrial scene (1980-1984), music from pre-digital stage (1985-1995) and all the contemporary scene (1996-2015). The last two chapters consists of independent labels review and the interviews with musicians, most of those were intended to be included in IEM magazine which was never published after 2003.
Some artists were featured in IEM podcasts, as well as their music, with the intention to represent their creative attitudes at its best. Unfortunately, the idea of the book doesn't allow to achieve the same goal, but it's accompanied by the quadruple CD compilation of the same title, where you can find the exclusive pieces by many italian artists, provided specially for this project and never released before.

The book contains 785 pages of text, the size is 21х25 cm, the weight is about 2 kg. This special edition is strictly limited to 50, CD to 100 copies only. Please note: all the text is in Russian only!

Дмитрий Васильев

Сборник - Viva Italia (4CD)

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