CD: Vespero "Liventure #19"

Цена: 700 р.


Издательство: VMS, 2019

Вес: 50 г.

Конверт в конверте. mini-LP.

1. Sever
2. Rito
3. Lino
4. Glass Rainbow
5. Tower
6. Salma Simiere
7. Float
8. Laccaria Amethystina
9. Incredible Buildings
10. Skat
11. Pacific 231

Originally, it was recorded in Astrakhan in June 2008 and including tracks from “Rito” and “Surpassing All Kings” and was released in 2008 on RAIG (digital/CD-r). New edition is CD in cardboard folder (Mini-LP), with new cover — art. Album includes 4 extra tracks not available anywhere else. Alexander Kuzovlev has made new mix and mastering specially for this release.
It was our last concert with great singer Natalya Tjurina, and on extra tracks you can hear one of the founders of Vespero — Valentin Rulev (violin).

Performed by :
Ivan Fedotov (drums, percussion),
Arkadiy Fedotov (bass, flute (2), vox (6)),
Alexander Kuzovlev (guitar, electronics),
Alexei Klabukov (keyboards, button accordion (1)),
Natalya Tjurina (lead vox(2,3,4,6,7), synths),
+ Valentin Rulev (violin (8,9) harp (8))

Recorded by Ivan Klyutsev at the Union of Theatre Artists in Astrakhan on June 21, 2008 and on January 10, 2009.
Mixed and mastered by Alexader Kuzovlev at VMS studio, 2019


Vespero - Liventure #19

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