LP (винил): Ганелин Вячеслав, Пашкевич Денис, Гоцман Аркадий "Variations" (2LP)

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Издательство: Jersika Records, 2019

Вес: 550 г.

Чёрный винил, разворотный конверт. Издано в Латвии.

Side A
1. Variation 1

Side B
1. Variation 2

Side C
1. Variation 3

Side D
1. Variation 4

Vyacheslav Ganelin - piano, synthesizers, percussions
Deniss Pashkevich - tenor saxophone
Arkady Gotesman - drums, percussions

Vyacheslav Ganelin, one of the most important artist in European avant - garde jazz scene, unites with two of the brightest Baltic jazz musicians of their generation - saxophonist Deniss Pashkevich and percussionist Arkady Gotesman.

“(..) For me this recording is also an evidence of the noise of the soul’s night – an inkling of the promise of a new beginning, the miracle of rebirth. With the first chords a new world begins to emerge, the musicians taking part in the mystery of creation for the full duration of the recording – from chaos order is slowly born. If in the beginning was The Word, then sound was also one of the elements at the creation of the world. And musicians prove this, articulating the primordial sound, filling it with purpose, new colours and intonations.(..)(Mikus Solovejs)”

Analog Recording, Analog Mixing, Analog Mastering. No digital process was used in the production of this sound recording

Recording Engineer - Talis Timrots
Assistant Recording Engineer - Martins Saulespurens
Tape Engineer - Balvis Trinkuns
Analog Mastering Engineer - Dominique Klatte
Digital Mastering Engineer - Kaspars Putrins

Produced by Mareks Ameriks

Management by Valters Mucenieks and Deniss Pashkevich at Riga Room.

Sleeve Design - Edgars Ameriks
Photo - Oskars Upenieks

Вячеслав Ганелин

Ганелин Вячеслав, Пашкевич Денис, Гоцман Аркадий - Variations (2LP)

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