CD: Goat’s Notes / Кудрявцев, Costa, Сандомирский, Талалай "Quartet Red"

Цена: 700 р.


Издательство: Leo Records, 2020

Вес: 90 г.

Jewel box, 4-страничный буклет. Диск произведен в Англии.

1. Outta Town
2. Rush Hour Beauty
3. Chasing Tail
4. Where Is The Station?
5. Hotel Room Disasters
6. When Bars Are Closing
7. Dead Partners
8. Cactus
9. Farewell Cocktail

Vladimir Kudryavtsev — double bass
Fred Costa — tenor saxophone, voice
Gregory Sandomirsky — piano, voice
Piotr Talalay — drums

All music by F. Costa, V. Kudryavtsev, G. Sandomirsky, P. Talalay

Recorded in October 2018 at DOM Cultural Center, Moscow, by Maxim Khaikin.
Mixing, mastering: Alexander Mikhlin

Cover photo by Fred Costa
Design: Fred Costa, Vladimir Kudryavtsev

Produced by Leo Feigin, Vladimir Kudryavtsev

...Принцип создания всех студийных работ, рождающихся у Сандомирского, Кудрявцева и компании, можно с некоторыми оговорками назвать парадоксальным: спонтанность соседствует с кропотливым монтажом. Начинается всё с коллективной импровизации — но затем Кудрявцев в одиночку отбирает из записанного массива небольшие фрагменты, из которых потом и составляет альбом. Сам отобранный музыкальный материал, впрочем, никаким изменениям не подвергается — партии не перезаписываются, не удаляются, не обрабатываются. Но таким образом фрагменты, вырванные из протяженных сессий, приобретают самостоятельность, законченность, создают ощущение большей структурированности.

Kudryavtsev, Sandomirsky and Talalay are the core members of the best-known Russian group Goat's Notes with quite a few releases with Leo Records. The French saxophonist Fred Costa joined Kudryavtsev and Sandomorsky in 2015 on a tour in France. The quartet plays powerful, completely improvised music. Each member of the group is a composer and either a leader of another group or involved in theatre. These combined experiences make the music sparkle.

The quartet plays a present-day kind of improvisatory Freedom Jazz that is in a line of evolution from the '60s innovators. Fred Costa has a great big tenor sound that reminds slightly of Gato Barbieri in terms of the harmonic-rich texture of his notes at times but otherwise strikes out on an original path. Gregory Sandomirsky plays high-rolling piano that incorporates the Jazz Tradition in good ways. There is a bit of stride on "Farewell Coctail" (spelled that way) along with key centered romp riffs and extended technique energy forays. Both the tenorist and the pianist sing and scat a bit and one of them sometimes sounds slightly gruff like Tom Waits but it all fits the objectives of the music at hand. They are "band vocals" more than some bid for commercial airplay. And the singing does not intrude but blends well with the overall sound of the quartet.
Vladimir Kudryavtsev on acoustic bass and Piotr Talalay on drums give us wide ranging freedom both in and out of time and play fittingly throughout.
Overall, all four as a quartet sound adventurously like themselves on this set.
According to the liners it all started out as a few gigs with tenor, piano and bass beginning in 2015. Drums were added for the Moscow tour late in 2018 (though apparently Talalay had played with the three off and on for 15 years) and this recording was made as a part of that.
After hearing Quartet Red some six or seven times I must say it sounds very good to me. It's a fully spontaneous set but shows how free players very familiar with each other's style can catch on quickly to various grooves and open-ended flings with a sureness born of familiarity and talent. Good one!

Goat’s Notes

Goat’s Notes / Кудрявцев, Costa, Сандомирский, Талалай - Quartet Red

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