CD: Two Siberians / Белый Острог - "Kurjaan"

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Издательство: Авторское издание, 2019.

Вес: 60 г.

Краткое описание:
Подарочное издание, четырёхполосный диджипак.

1. Kurujaan
2. Cranes
3. Dukhi Ke Dej
4. Forgotten Name
5. Har Rang De Vich
6. Little Mandolin
7. Before Departure
8. Hichki

Альбом группы Two Siberians, записанный в Мумбаи (Индия) совместно с индискими музыкантами

Two Siberians is a Russian music duo consisting of Artem Yakushenko (Electric Violin) and Iurii Matveev (Electric Guitar). Matveev and Yakushenko are, as their Western nom de plume suggests, actual residents of Siberia. As Two Siberians, the duo released fourteen studio albums in their native country between 1995 and 2017, including the score for a ballet and soundtracks for television and film.

Manganiyars are musicians of rural Rajasthan. The instruments like Kamaycha (Darre Khan), Sarangi (Bhavru Khan), Khadtal (Devu Khan), Dholak (Firoz Khan) and the rustic charm of the powerful voices of hugely popular singers Kachra Khan and Sawan Khan bring the ancient intangible heritage of their land alive.

Together, the two groups have created music that is unique, haunting and enriching. It takes the listener on a never before journey that sounds intriguing and soothing at the same time. The album is a beautiful testimony of how music can create powerful bridges transcending all the differences of language, culture, colour, religion, and of course, musical traditions.

The opening track Kurjaan, sung by Kachra Khan, is an evergreen folk song of Rajasthan where separated from her lover, a woman is requesting the bird Kurjaan to carry her message across and help her find him. Crains is anpiece which has several layers of emotions woven within. Apprehension, fear, courage but most of all, hope.

Dukhi Ke Dej is sung by Sawan Khan; a song from a very popular ancient love epic created by a Shah Latif, who used the metaphor of separated lovers to convey deep spiritual yearnings and truths. Forgotten Name thepiece becomes more intriguing with Sawan Khan and Kachra Khan adding rich vocals... the bird has crossed hundreds of miles, sits on a branch at the end of the day... but it is aware that it has miles to go to reach the destination. Har Rang De Vich is a very famous composition of Baba Bulleshah yet another famous Sufi saint. Here he is expanding on the idea of all creation being different reflections of the same source. The exuberance of the composition is further enhanced by the vibrant dialogue between the instruments. Little Mandolin This track reflects the confidence of the end being in sight after a long and arduous journey. What a joy and relief Kurjaan feels on spotting the favorite expanse of land that is the winter abode. Before Departure is a beautiful reflection of so many emotions joy, gratitude, energy, synergy all blended together. The last track Hichki is a very popular folk song of Rajasthan in which Kachra Khan brings alive the longing of the beloved. The Two Siberians embellish it brilliantly to add to the beauty of his rendition.

Kurjaan by Two Siberians from Russia and Folk Musicians from Rajasthan is a musical bridge across centuries, cultural reflections and of course, musical idioms. It is about transcending boundaries. A never before fusing of unique sounds of rare, ancient acoustic instruments and powerful voices from remote villages in the deserts of Rajasthan, India, and the state-of-the-art Electronic Violin and Electronic Guitar from Russia. It brings together not just musicians from two different countries but it is a flight of hope, universal brotherhood and peace.

The Two Siberians, the renowned duo from Russia for the very first time collaborate with the amazingly gifted Manganiyars, the desert folk musicians to weave a haunting tapestry through their musical synergy.

The white crane, the famous Siberian Flamenco is called Kurjaan in Rajasthan where each year thousands and thousand of these arrive during winters. While for Siberian natives, especially the Yakuts & Yukaghirs, the white crane is a sacred bird associated with Sun, Spring and kind celestial spirit Ajyy; in Rajasthan it is an integral part of fables, folk stories and songs.

What is most interesting is the beautiful way the two totally different styles have blended. The musicians first met for Banyan Tree’s Ruhaniyat; the hugely popular concert of Sufi & Mystic Music in India. And, during their specially curated collaboration by Mahesh Babu, the appreciation for music and the mutual respect among them was so powerful that it culminated in this album.


Two Siberians / Белый Острог

Two Siberians / Белый Острог - Kurjaan

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Сергей, Минск

23.01.2020 22:43

Здравствуйте. Получил этот CD. Фламинго на обложке нет... Если есть другой вариант издания, прошу написать, т.к. мне важно знать.

Сергей, Минск

23.01.2020 23:08

И мне пришёл не шестиполосный диджислив, а четырёхполосный диджипак.
Романов: здравствуйте! Обложку делал из макета, который мне издатель прислал. Сегодня уточню информацию

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