CD: Diversion Voice - "C.T."

Цена: 700 р.



Издательство: ArtBeat Music, 2019.

Вес: 50 г.

Краткое описание:
Четырёхполосный диджислив.

1. C.T.
2. War
3. Inception
4. Connect
5. Help
6. Maecenas

Recorded july 2013 – august 2015 at 6SKLAD studio
by Nikolay Chistov and Vladimir Nikulin

Mixed by Stas Kolashnikov

Matvey Ushakov – guitar
Ilya Bolkisev – sax, electronics
Vladimir Nikulin – bass
Alexey Kryuchkov – drums
Dmitry Krasov – guitar, percussion

Artwork, design and font by Dmitry Krasov

Московская группа DIVERSION VOICE играет инструментальный и атмосферный рок с элементами прогрессива и психоделики.

Musicians are the ones responsible for their listeners, as every sound that strikes the audience’s hearts bears a code inside that impacts the track of personal development.
The music can influence what friends you choose, give a shake to your mind in a minute of frustration, it is even able to encourage you to take actions that can turn out to be fatal.
Nevertheless, a musician can’t fully control the way the music effects the listener as each individual reaction is hardly predictable.
Every track in this album represents a moment when personal stories of each band member came across together in one moment that was captured. Our tracks are projections of these stories, each with its own unique route and character, which in the end are unified by rhythm and harmony in a single multifaceted novel.
The album has gone live and starts to sound. It’s the time now when we learn in whose hearts this music would find a resonance and its special sounding.


Diversion Voice

Diversion Voice - C.T.

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