CD: Shoom (Чеснок) - "Tried To Sing But Couldn't"

Цена: 600 р.



Издательство: Auris Media, 2016.

Вес: 50 г.

Краткое описание:
Подарочное издание, диджислив.

1. Der Armener In Amerike
2. Harvest Dance
3. Tamzara
4. Heiser Bulgar
5. Alexander Gambaryan's First Underwater Trip
6. Rainy Song
7. Swindle Dance
8. 564
9. Asleep In A Shelter
10. Tried To Sing But Couldn't
11. Alexander Gambaryan's Return
12. Freyt Aykh Yidelekh
13. Wounded During Ceasefire
14. My Red Apple

Ilya Mazia - armenian duduk, blul (3, 11), native american flute (5,9), morchang (8), tin whistle (14)
Anatoly Magdalinsky - drums, jembe (3), percussion, metal door (1)
Sergey Engel - bass, guitars, xylophone (1, 5, 8), saucepan with water (5)

Recorded and produced by SHOOM at Shoom's rehearsal point.

Mixed by Lino Gonzalez, Eventual Estudio

Graphics by Sergey Engel

Thirteen years ago, I was given an opportunity to work with Shoom, an Israeli band whose sound nestles comfortably within the realm of Mediterranean ethnocore, avant-rock and ethno-rock, a term I’ve not heard in quite some time, but which seems appropriate for this band.
Lots of percussion and guitars flow quite nicely with a duduk making melodies on top. Definitely worth a listen to this album, as well as their back catalog.



Shoom (Чеснок) - Tried To Sing But Couldn't

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